React Rookie

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Get good at modern React with TypeScript

Are you a React rookie? You won't be for long! This book will turn you into a skilled and confident modern React developer with TypeScript.

The book comes with a GitHub repository of code examples for each section.

11 Sections
100+ pages
JavaScript ES 6+
React 18
1. Welcome
Intro to the book.
2. System Setup
Run code examples locally.
3. JavaScript Refresher
A review of EcmaScript 6+ features.
4. Introduction to React
What is React? Why learn it?
5. Getting started with React
Learn the basics of React.
6. JSX
All about the powerful JSX syntax.
7. React Components
The building blocks of React. Learn the component lifecycle, props, conditional rendering, and iterating/looping.
8. Forms in React
Learn how to build controlled and uncontrolled forms.
9. Hooks
Learn all about useState, useEffect, useReducer, useRef, useMemo, memo, useCallback, and custom hooks.
10. Styling
Strategies for styling React components.
11. Context
How to share state across a React app.

Launching April 14, 2023.

Pre-order the e-book for CAD $24.99 and get it emailed to you when it launches.