React Ready: Learn modern React with TypeScript

React Ready

Learn modern React with TypeScript

Learn modern React web development with TypeScript. React Ready helps you become a skilled and confident modern React developer. Go from React rookie to React ready!

React Ready is an eBook in PDF format. It also comes with a GitHub repository of code examples.

  • 14 sections
  • 300+ pages
  • JS ES 6+
  • React 18
  • TypeScript
  • Vite.js

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Once you've completed this book, check out the sequel, React Router Ready, to learn how to use React Router to build a realistic React app.

Topics covered

React Ready covers modern React topics, such as:

  • React elements
  • Functional components
  • JSX
  • Component lifecycle
  • Props
  • Conditional rendering
  • Iterating in components
  • Child-to-parent communication
  • Component composition
  • State
  • Lifting and colocating state
  • Immutability
  • DOM and Virtual DOM
  • Events
  • Forms
  • Basic Hooks
  • Advanced Hooks
  • Custom Hooks
  • Fetching data
  • Profiling React components

Section breakdown

1. Welcome
Welcome to the book.
2. Introduction
System setup and tools.
3. JavaScript Refresher
A review of ECMAScript 6+ features.
4. Introduction to React
What is React? Why learn it?
5. Getting started with React
Learn the basics of React.
6. JSX
All about the powerful JSX syntax.
7. Components
All about the building blocks of React.
8. Fundamental Hooks
Learn how to use the basic React Hooks.
9. Forms
Learn how to build forms.
10. Custom Hooks
Learn how to create your own custom Hooks.
11. Performance Hooks
Learn about profiling and memoization Hooks.
12. Styling React components
Learn how to style React components.
13. Context
Learn about sharing state with context.
14. What's next
Next steps for your learning progress.

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