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Passionate about web development. I enjoy helping others improve their JavaScript, TypeScript, and React skills.

Steven Spads

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Each child in a list should have a unique key prop

March 10, 20233 min readReact

Learn how to solve this common React warning by generating proper keys when mapping over data. The array index is not a great solution for keys.

Don't evaluate JSX expressions with zero in React

March 05, 20232 min readReact

When writing conditional JSX expressions in React, don't use the number zero to evaluate those expressions.

The :is() CSS pseudo-class function

January 30, 20232 min readCSS

Learn how to use the :is() CSS pseudo-class function to reduce the complexity and verboseness of your CSS selectors.

Get the key of an object by its value

January 22, 20233 min readTypeScript

Learn how to get the key of an object by its value with JavaScript and TypeScript.

Select box component with React and TypeScript

January 21, 20234 min readReact

Learn how to create a reusable select box component with React and TypeScript.

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