React Router Ready: Learn React Router with React and TypeScript

React Router Ready

Learn React Router with React and TypeScript

React Router is the most popular routing library for React. After becoming React Ready, learning React Router should be the next step in your learning journey.

This book is project-based. We will be using Vite, React, React Router, TypeScript, Clerk authentication , and Tailwind CSS to build and manage a realistic store with an inventory of products.

You'll learn all the React Router fundamentals while having fun building a realistic project. You'll also learn valuable tidbits of information on React and TypeScript. Go from React Router rookie to React Router ready!

React Router Ready is an eBook in PDF format. It also comes with a GitHub repository of code examples.

  • 9 sections
  • 100+ pages
  • React Router 6+
  • React 18
  • TypeScript
  • Vite.js

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Topics covered

React Router Ready covers all the React Router fundamentals, such as:

  • Basic routes
  • Nested routes
  • Dynamic routes
  • Catch-all route
  • Multiple layouts
  • Forms with React Router
  • Handling route errors
  • Navigation loading states
  • Form loading states
  • Styling active links
  • Performant search
  • Protecting routes
  • Using actions and loaders
  • Sending requests to an API
  • Adding authentication
  • Adding authorization
  • Styling with TailwindCSS
  • Vite project setup
  • Configuring Prettier
  • Configuring ESLint

Section breakdown

1. Welcome
Welcome to the book.
2. Introduction
System setup and tools.
3. Basic Routes
Create basic routes.
4. Nested Routes
Use nested routing with multiple layouts.
5. Managing Products
Build a dashboard to manage products.
6. Browsing Products
Build the product pages for the store.
7. Product Interactions
Product search and add to wishlist.
8. Authentication
Authentication and authorization with Clerk.
9. What's Next
Check out Remix and Next.js.

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